Therapeutic Approaches

With the explosion of research in the fields of neurobiology, psychology and trauma, many mind-body approaches to psychotherapy have gained momentum and earned recognition.  While my scope of practice is not limited to the following therapeutic approaches, they form a strong foundation of my understanding and extensive training in addressing the myriad of life's challenges.

Somatic Transformation

Developed by Sharon Stanley, Somatic Transformation is a "developmental, phenomenological, and neurobiological approach to the healing of trauma. This model focuses on restoring regulation of intense affect as the foundation for further healing in the body, mind and psyche". This creative therapeutic approach combines research from the fields of  attachment, brain-body physiology, neurobiology, empathy,  and trauma.  Working towards the renegotiation of the neurological patterns of trauma, clients are invited to access the language of the body, symbols, creativity,  emotions and reflection. Somatic Transformation seeks to transform individuals' conditioned patterns of adaptation into an integrated and coherent sense of identity. More simply put, individuals struggling with negative cycles and limited capacity to respond flexibly to life's challenges, develop a greater capacity to connect with their life force, increasing their resilience and clarity.

Somatic Experiencing

Developed by Dr. Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing is a natural body oriented approach to healing trauma. This gentle approach incorporates the awareness of body sensation to help people renegotiate and heal. Somatic Experiencing works towards building a strong connection to the language and story of the body. Moving slowly between trauma states and resource states by gentle tracking of the bodily "felt senses", this approach allows highly aroused survival energies to be safely experienced and gradually discharged.  

Emotion Focused Therapy

Emotion Focused Therapy is a short term structured approach to couple's therapy that works towards expanding and reorganizing key emotional responses in a relationship. Drawing on the underpinnings of early attachment experiences that may be impacting current relationships, this model works towards fostering the creation of secure bonds. Shifts in partners' interactional positions can lead to a deeper sense of understanding, flexibility and connection.

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